Cookie Policy


What are cookies?

Cookies are small text files which are saved on your computer, smartphone or other device used to visit our website. Cookies cannot examine your computer, read data from it or share personal information stored on your computer with others.

Why do we use cookies?

Some cookies are essential for our websites to work properly whilst others provide us with useful information which helps us to improve our websites. The table below explains the different types of cookies and how we use them on our websites.

  Definition How we use them
Session cookie A session cookie only lasts for the duration that a user is visiting a website. When the web browser is closed it will delete the session cookies. We use session cookies to identify you when moving between pages within our website. A session cookie will either contain a unique session ID or some data that you have entered into our website. They are only used to make our systems work correctly.
Persistent cookie A persistent cookie is intended to remain on a device until it expires. Persistent cookies are often used to store user preferences or for convenience, for example remembering your username. We use persistent cookies for the convenience of our users. For example we may use them to remember data that you have entered so that we can pre-populate forms which saves you from entering the same information.
Secure cookie A secure cookie is used when the website you’re visiting requires encrypted communication. We use secure cookies to store information such as your username to enable convenient access for regular visitors.
First-party cookie A first-party cookie is any cookie set by the website you visit directly. These can be used by the website to improve the visitor’s experience through tailoring content and storing preferences for the next time you visit. All cookies used by our sites are first-party, as they originate from our web pages. These are only used to improve our website and tailor your experience by storing useful information such as your username for future visits.
Third-party cookie Third-party cookies are stored with different domains from the one shown on the address bar. These are usually from advertisements, to ensure an advert is displayed each time a user visits a webpage. Most modern internet browsers allow users to block third-party cookies from being stored on their computer. We do not allow any third-party to use cookies on any of our websites. Any cookies used on our web pages come directly from us (first-party cookies) and are used to improve your experience.

How to disable cookies

We encourage you to allow cookies from our website to ensure that it functions properly and because it helps us improve the user experience for you and others. However, if you do not want to allow cookies from our website, you can choose to disable them in your internet browser. Your browser’s help section should give you adequate guidance for how to do this.